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Vacation with our kids and grand kids
Guest: Bruce(Richland Chambers Reservoir, St Elmo, TX)

Date of Stay: 06/12/11 Review Submitted: 06/23/11

Barbara and Lee, our family had a wonderful vacation in Port Aransas and staying in your beautiful home was simply outstanding. The pictures on your website do not do it justice though. Everything we needed was handy and kept in great condition. The kids loved both the beach boogie boarding and swimming in the pool across the street. We setup a canopy each morning on the beach just a short walk from your home and it seemed to work very well for a place to rest between trips in ocean. The deck was where the adults spend a lot of their evenings building some wonderful memories together. The guys also played golf at the Newport Dunes and it was quite a challenge with no rough and a lot of wind but a very beautiful course. Just keep it down the middle as you have no rough just drop and take your penalty. Will definitely play it again! We also visit the USS Lexington in Corpus Christi bay and it is well worth the price of admission, highly recommend. Simply put, we all loved staying in your beautiful home and had a vacation we will always remember and yes we hope to be back…! Would highly recommend your home for small or large groups, we had 12 ( 4 kids & 8 adults) PS Carol does an outstanding job of having everything ready and organized for each new guest.

Absolutely a WONDERFUL home = a WONDERFUL experience in Port A!
Guest: 3 Families who Love to Beach(Austin, Texas)

Date of Stay: 05/05/11 Review Submitted: 05/12/11

Wow! We so enjoyed our stay in the Sea Parrot! Barbara and Lee make it so very easy to rent their beautiful home. It is a true pleasure to work directly with the home owners versus through a middle person. Their attention to detail in the renting process and within their home is truly a part of the overall positive experience. You know that you are staying in their home versus in just a rental property by the way this beautifully decorated home has been cared for. There is amble living space, the kitchens were VERY well stocked with all kitchen tools needed to create some fun meals! We most appreciated how kid friendly the space was with secure areas and no access for them to escape down external staircases. The downstairs apartment being connected via internal staircase really makes those staying downstairs feel connected – if you so choose, or stay very private if that is more their style! Truly versatile, truly wonderful, truly convenient and most of all truly easy to arrive and depart. Thank you – we WILL be back again!